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Tips on Stay Healthy and Cool in Summer

Summer is a season full of Yang energy and belongs to the fire element. Summer is the season of flourishing as all living things on earth come into blossoming and yielding fruits. How can we utilize the abundance of energy, stay healthy, and cool?

In summer with rising environmental temperatures everyone loves to eat cold foods and drink iced beverages, like salad, ice cream, or ice coffee, which can temporally provide some coolness to the body but also can weaken the functions of the digestion tract and lead to poor appetite and indigestions. How can we stay cool and maintain good digestion in the hot summer?

Eat more cooked food, less greasy, or fried foods, which is easier on the digestive system. Many different food herbs can be utilized in a congee or soup form to clear heat and protect the health of stomach and intestines, for examples, Lu Dou (mung bean) congee, He Ye (lotus leaf) congee, Sheng Lu Gen (fresh reed rhizome) congee, Lu Dou pumpkin soup, or Lu Dou and Jin Yin Hua (honeysuckle flower) soup.

Drink more water or tea to replenish fluid of the body, and green tea is the best choice for cooling. Other recommended teas are Huo Xiang cooling tea- put a small amount of Huo Xiang (patchouli) and Jue Ming Zi (fetid cassia seeds) into boiling water and serve when it is cool; Jue Hua Zhu Ye tea – use 5-10 grams of white Ju Hua (chrysanthemum flower), Chen Pi (orange peel), Shan Zha (hawthorn fruit) and fresh Zhu Ye (bamboo leaf) and 500 to 1000 cc of boil water and serve it warm or cool.

Enjoy the abundance of summer fresh fruits and vegetables. Ensure the fruits and vegetables are well washed and appropriately stored because the growth of the fugues and bacteria are also at the best in the summer. Fresh fruits and vegetables not only help us to cool down, but also replenish the body with the electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants. Watermelon is a perfect fruit for the summer to stay cool and hydrated.

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