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Yao Zhang

Yao Zhang received her MD from Hebei Medical College in 1982 and her MS from China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing) in 1987. She is one of the first ten practitioners to be certified (NCCAOM) as a Chinese Herbalist in the United States and has practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine since 1983.

In 1993, Yao founded NEAOHS in Arlington, and later clinics in Northborough and Sudbury, MA. Yao taught at the New England School of Acupuncture for nine years and practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine at the Spence Center for Women’s Health in Cambridge, MA. She specializes in OB-GYN issues and internal medicine.



Deguang He

Deguang graduated from Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Heifei, China in 1984 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and from China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing with a Master's degree in Acupuncture & Medical Qigong in 1987. After graduation, he became a research staff, focusing on TCM and Medical Qi Gong, at the Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing until 1991. In the same year he became a graduate student in Psychosomatic Medicine Department, Tokyo University. Deguang also practiced TCM at the Institute of Diabetes Mellitus & Obesity, Kanagawa, Japan, and in Moscow, the Soviet Union for short periods.

In 1997, Deguang relocated to the United States and became a licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist of Massachusetts and started practicing in the Women’s Health Center of North Shore Medical Center in Danvers, MA. In 1998, Deguang became an instructor of Medical Qigong & clinical supervisor of acupuncture and herbal medicine at New England School of Acupuncture. Simultaneously, Deguang also worked as an acupuncturist and instructor of Qigong & Taichi at the Cancer Center of Mass General Hospital.



Quan Zhou

Quan Zhou received her Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1991 through a 5-year full-time program and holds a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition with the University of Alabama. Quan is a licensed Acupuncturist and a nationally certified Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with National Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She has also been a clinical faculty for the New England School of Acupuncture of MCPHS University since 2003.

Over the past 32 years, Quan has been practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine in China, Singapore and the U.S., working at the Wangjing Hospital (China), Singapore General Hospital, Boston Medical Center (BMC), Lowell Community Health Center (LCHC), and private acupuncture clinics as well. At BMC, Quan worked with and supported cancer patients.

With her education and experience, Quan has deep insight into both Eastern and Western medicine. She believes that the ultimate goal of health care is to guide people to discover the natural healing power within themselves, allowing them to enjoy balanced, healthy lives.

Her expertise lies in the areas of chronic and acute pain, allergy, digestive conditions, stress related problems, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, respiratory issues, supportive treatment for cancer, fertility, reproductive health, women's health and difficult-to-treat conditions in conventional medicine. She always finds great joy in helping patients return to health with acupuncture, ear therapy, cupping, gua-sha, and acupressure.

Quan enjoys cooking, gardening, and swimming in Massachusetts living with her husband and two children.



Zichen (Jason) Zhang

Zichen Zhang (Jason) studied and practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 2006 and graduated from Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (AHUTCM) in Hefei, China with the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, majoring in Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina, and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

After graduation, Jason came to the United States and studied on the research and trial designing and graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with the Master of Science degree. For the love on TCM and the desire on promoting TCM in USA, Jason chose to go back to acupuncture school. He studied in MCPHS University - New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) in Worcester, practiced at NESA Acupuncture Treatment Center, Bedford Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA-BED), and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and achieved the degree of Master of Acupuncture (Chinese & Japanese Styles), then became a licensed acupuncturist of Massachusetts in the same year.

With nearly 20 years of study and practice in TCM, in between, 3 years in regulatory affairs of clinical trials, Jason devotes himself to finding the way of promoting TCM from China to USA, and to treating the patients who are in urgent need of pain management, emotion improvement, post-surgery rehabilitation, rare disease recovery, etc. Jason is very energetic to customize the treatment for each patient to fit the certain conditions. He never stops to study on the TCM classics and to convert the knowledge into his clinical practice, in order to serve more patients who believe that the TCM and acupuncture can help them.

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Yunshan (Sam) Lu

Yunshan Lu graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) University with a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

He is experienced in acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain management, stress reduction, as well as skin and digestion issues management. “Less is better”, Mr. Lu intends to use less needles to achieve better results.

Mr. Lu has a unique understanding of Chinese herbal medicine, he is a big believer of classic formulas.

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Xiao Wu

Xiao Wu (Michelle) is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist. She is also an adjunct faculty at New England School of Acupuncture, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science University (NESA, MCPHS University). Xiao obtained her MD degree in Guizhou Medical University and her Ph.D. degree in the field of cancer pathology in the Peking University Health Science Center in China. She was a pathologist and practiced medicine in China. In 2000, Xiao came to the United States and completed her post-doctoral fellowship in anti-angiogenesis in cancer treatment and stem cell regeneration to treat cardiovascular diseases at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. In order to combine the Western Medicine and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), she started her three-year-long journey to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine at NESA, MCPHS University. She graduated with a Master's degree in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Japanese Style Acupuncture.
After graduating from MCPHS University, Xiao has actively participated in orthopedic and pain management education in the university. Based on her foundation in the Chinese and Western Medicine, Xiao is skilled at providing herbal medicine and acupuncture, including Japanese acupuncture, to patients with orthopedic/pain conditions, pediatric diseases and mental concerns.



Qin Wang

Ms. Wang graduated with an MD from Liaoning Traditional Medical College (China) in 1988 and subsequently worked as a Physician in Charge and as a gynecologist at the Liaoning Traditional Medical Hospital and Liaoning Postal Hospital practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Tui Na therapeutic bodywork. She has many years’ clinical experience in OB-GYN issues and pain management.



Hing Lan Lo

Hing Lan Lo emigrated to the U.S. in 1986 from Hong Kong where she had worked as a teacher, researcher, and community worker. She worked as an RN in oncology before receiving a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine (MAOM) from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2002.


Ms. Lo believes acupuncture is a powerful tool for individuals to access their wholeness and healing power within, enabling the body to relieve pain and promote well-being. Her special interests are acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain management, radiation and chemotherapy support, autoimmune diseases such as IBS and MS, headache, stress reduction, depression, addiction recovery, menopausal issues, allergies, and sinus problems. Ms. Lo also uses adjunctive therapies such as acupressure, qigong, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, electroacupuncture, and herbal prescriptions.



Mei-Huei Tu

Mei-Huei Tu graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1993 and continued to study a wide variety of acupuncture styles and modalities. Mei studied Chinese philosophy including the I Ching, Tai Chi, and Chinese medical classics. She practices acupuncture in the Master Tung style, which she learned from Dr. Wei-Chieh Young, one of only three direct disciples of Master Tung in North America. She also practices biodynamic craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, and bian stone therapy, which uses the healing power of bian stones applied and massaged on muscles and joints.

Mei believes we are an integral part of nature and that all life is precious and interconnected. She views the body as having great powers of self-healing and sees herself as a facilitator of each patient’s healing journeys. Mei can provide treatment without needles at the patient’s request and her gentle style is suitable for sensitive patients. In her practice, she specializes in treating anxiety and depression, pain, and stress-related disorders.



Julia H. Sun

Julia specializes in energy healing and self-healing methods.

Julia is a certified Reiki and Qigong master. She has the natural ability to detect, locate, and heal health problems. She has helped to resolve a variety of illnesses with her strong energy at her practice, ER, and ICU since 2013.

Julia has been coaching self-healing for over a decade, after she healed her own laundry list of illnesses. The self-healing system is the result of her two decades of intensive research on major health systems worldwide. It is briefed in her book: The Total Life Energy Plan.



Eric Tang

Eric Tang began his career at the age of 18 as an army medic specializing in acupuncture. He completed further studies for 2 years at the hospital level and worked clinically until 1988 when he relocated to Japan. For five years he practiced acupuncture and Oriental Bodywork at a Tokyo clinic and made the Boston area his home in 1993. Mr. Tang specializes in muscular pain conditions including pain management and tension relief. He also utilizes acupressure foot massage and facial rejuvenation massage.



Gang Yi (Gavin) Huang

Qigong massage therapist Gang Yi (Gavin) Huang is a certified Qigong Master from Xiamen, China, and took advanced Qigong training from New England School of Taiji. Gavin became a licensed massage therapist in Massachusetts in 1997 and is specialized in Qigong massage therapy combining Western and Eastern styles of therapeutic massage.

Since 1989, Gavin has studied with Chinese Shaolin Qigong and Yi Jing Master WuJian in the essence of Shaolin's internal Kungfu and clinic treating skills. He is specialized in Qigong Tuina with a deepened depth and effect of opening channels, circulating Qi and blood, and improving the immune system. His treatment emphasizes looking at the body as a whole and treating local disharmony with acupressure at different points to prevent or expel disease and enhance health.

Gavin taught Qigong for many years in China and has over 10 years of clinical practice experience in treating insomnia, hypertension, headache, joint pain, back pain, arthritis, irregular periods, infertility both male and female, emotional problems, weight management, and cosmetic treatment. He uses the human holographic reflex zone combined with I Ching and Qigong massage. Gavin also has a U.S. National NGH Hypnotherapist license.



Yadong Yang

Qigong Master Yang’s practice of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong for over twenty years enables him to both sense and emit energy associated with Qi (bio-electromagnetic fields). This ability allows him to detect and localize lesions in the human body and effectively heal medical problems. Master Yang is a member of the Chinese Medical Qigong Association and was a principle Qigong instructor at the Keiwa Qigong Institute in Tokyo, Japan, and in China. He has been practicing Medical Qigong in the United States since 1997, specializing in depression, heart disease, blood pressure imbalances, stroke, asthma, sciatica, paraplegia/hemiplegia, blood sugar imbalances, and thyroid conditions.

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