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Introducing Online Chinese Herbal Consultation

It is our great honor to introduce our new service - Online Chinese Herbal Consultation, which is perfect for this pandemic situation! As you know, the Chinese Herbal Medicine has existed and got well developed for thousands of years. In the epic history of combating the spread of diseases in the human race, the Chinese Herbal Medicine has played a significant role in supporting humans to overcome many pandemic eras. Even in the current pandemic, Chinese herbs are widely used in most hospitals in China and taken by many Chinese people, to treat and prevent the Coronavirus. There are many articles published demonstrating that the Chinese Herbal Medicine can help the human body to fight against the virus. As acupuncture and Chinese herbal professionals, we have been serving the Great Boston area for 28 years. Since we're not the first-line healthcare providers, following the CDC guidelines, we are not qualified to contact and treat Covid positive patients directly. However, we do believe that the online Chinese herbal consultation service is a perfect approach to reach and help these patients. By consulting the patients and using the herbs, we can help: 1) Release any flu-like symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, cough, fatigue, or body aches. This is the most important stage that we can help you with; 2) Strengthen the immunity and the prevention; 3) Recover from the illnesses. The duration of an online consultation could be 1/2 hour. Our herbalists will walk you through some telemedicine tools, such as phone calls or online meeting rooms, then give you suggestions and herbal prescriptions. We have Chinese herbal pharmacy in our offices, so after the consultation, we can prepare the herbs, and then either mail them to you, or schedule a pickup for you. If you, your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone you know have been suffering from illnesses, please reach us at 508-351-1655, or make an online herbal consultation appointment through our website Let’s work together to go through this hard time! Thank you very much for all your support. Stay safe and healthy!
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