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Both Northborough and Sudbury Offices will open on June 22, 2020.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

We are planning to partially reopen our service in Northborough and Sudbury next week, June 22nd. Arlington office will reopen in July due to the renovations. Both phone and online appointments are available now. You can Simply call 508-351-1655, or go to our website at to book your appointment. During the Covid-19 crisis, we updated our website for your convenience. The online store is available now. Please check our website and let us know if you need help.

After we reopen, the safety is our priority for everyone coming to the office. We will follow CDC, American Acupuncture Association and Consul’s guidelines.

Here are the things you may see differently than before:

1. We need disinfect the treatment room before next appointment. We need 15-30 minutes gap between each patient.

2. We closed the waiting area to avoid overlapping. Patient will stay in their car until we call when the room is ready.

3. Everyone is required to wear the face mask all the time during your appointment, the practitioner may wear gloves 🧤 , gurgles, and practice uniform.

4. We will have a screen confirmation a day before your appointment, we will ask some questions related to Covid-19.

5. Due to the high cost and reduce the patient acceptance, we have to change our price which is $10 more for each treatment. You can make your payment through the phone to cut down directly contact. Please check your insurance coverage since there are more coverage now. Thank you for your support.

6. With a face mask, face down position may make you discomfort, we may ask you lie on the side/face up, or other positions, like sit on the chair during your treatment.

7. On top of sterilize everything, we may use some natural ingredients like onions, vinegar, and some Chinese herbs in the treatment room for more protection.

We will accept 6 appointments maximum a day for now.

The Virus changed our lives. We need be very careful. But together, we will go through this. We pray for world peace and blessings.

From Staffs of NEAOHS.

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