What will you do when you have physical problems? Of course go to the doctor! Most people 
will say that with out thinking.
Then you go to the doctor, the doctor give you drugs or surgery……
Is this the only way or the best way?  Has anyone asked him/herself where the physical problems are coming from?
In traditional Chinese Medicine, symptom is a sign of your internal imbalance. It’s telling us what happened in your system. For example , a woman goes through menopause with hot flashes, sweats, and she can’t sleep well. Usually we use our five element theory, and think that is because naturally she is in a stage that water organ is getting weak and deficient.  Water is the element that controls fire. Now water is weak, and fire is out of control. We need to help  nourish her body’s own water element like kidney and blood. When her body balances out itself, the symptoms should be much better or gone. It’s very simple and non-invasive. And also we need to know emotions, diet, and other aspects of her life. because stress, hot spicy foods will add more fire. She will need to make some changes too.
That’s why you should ask yourself first, what happened, what’s wrong?And when you come to holistic health professionals, please tell us every thing from head to toe, emotion, habit, the foods you like… We will figure things out together.
Don’t totally rely on other people or pills for your health. Change yourself, try different therapies, fix the cause or root of the problem. That’s the solution!